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Use the contact form below for general queries or if you want to discuss how I can help you with your work. You can email me directly at if you prefer. I am also available for phone consultations, but please send me an email first so we can arrange a suitable time for a call. You can also find me on Twitter.

Please provide as many details as possible on your project (type of project, schedule, word count, figures and illustrations, any other relevant information and concerns you might have). This will allow me to give you a more specific and accurate answer, especially if you would like a quote. Samples are always very helpful, but please make sure the sample is representative of the overall quality of your work.

I offer free sample edits (1000 words) for independent fiction authors – it’s a great way to determine if we’ll be a good fit.

Privacy and confidentiality are fundamental, and I am happy to accommodate any special requests you might have.

Thank you for getting in touch. I will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Black and white illustration of three sanderlings flying seen from behind
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