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Dealing with proofreaders and copyeditors for the first time can be a bit stressful. No one wants to be scolded by a know-it-all for failing to remember some obscure exception to some made-up rule (or pseudorule), especially if you’re a budding fiction writer handing over your metaphorical baby to a stranger for close inspection.

Luckily for everyone, that’s not what this job is about. It’s useful to remember that my professional reason for being as a proofreader and copyeditor is the inability of the vast majority of writers to produce a text of a certain standard for publication with no external help. If your writing were somehow flawless right after the first draft, not just free of all typos and perfect in style but also thoroughly organised and with no inconsistencies, I would be out of a job!

I pride myself on being personable and approachable, always happy to adapt to different types of clients: some experienced authors familiar with the editorial process need very little hand-holding; others will need me to explain certain processes, editorial choices and changes to their work, and I am always happy to do so.

If you have any questions about the process, no matter how basic they might seem, please get in touch and I will be happy to help.

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‘He is diligent in every undertaking, producing editorial work of an exceptionally high calibre. He is also an incredibly nice person, with gentle and considerate interpersonal skills that are well suited to working with authors and clients.’

Heather Cushing, Tutor at the Publishing Training Centre

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