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When working with publishers, I’m happy to discuss your usual rates for freelancers.

When working directly with authors, I assess each project individually, taking into account deadlines, the type and amount of work the text needs, and the type of client. If you send me details about the work you would like me to copyedit or proofread (e.g. word count, figures and illustrations, schedule, type of text, audience, formats), I will be able to give you more detailed information, including a quote. Samples are always very helpful, but please make sure the sample is representative of the overall quality of your work.

I take into account the Editorial Freelancers Association’s median rates to ensure that my rates are fair and reasonable.

I accept payments in USD, GBP and EUR. Other currencies can be discussed.


I do not advertise flat rates because no two projects are the same. I realise this can be frustrating, so below are some approximate figures to give you a better idea of my rates when working directly with authors:

Non-fiction and academic copyediting


Usually from £0.02 to £0.04 ($0.025 – $0.05) per word.


Please note that references are not included in this calculation. I charge for those separately, using a flat rate of £2 ($2.50) per reference.


Fiction copyediting


Usually from £0.015 to £0.035 ($0.02 – $0.04) per word.




Usually from £0.008 to £0.02 ($0.01 – $0.25) per word.


Please note that this refers to ‘proofreading’ in the traditional sense of the word in publishing.

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