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Privacy policy

I am a sole trader offering proofreading and copyediting services to international clients as Sanderling Editorial. You can contact me at

This privacy policy was last updated in June 2021.

What information do I collect and why?

If you contact me using the form on my website or get in touch via email, I request the following information:

  • your name (so I know who I’m talking to)

  • your email address (so I know where to reach you)

  • information about your project.

If you end up using my professional services, I will need further information such as your postal address (for billing purposes) and phone number.

Do I share your information?

No, I will not share your information with anyone, with one exception required by law: tax audits.

How do I obtain your information?

The information I receive through the website is provided by you through the contact form. If you email me directly without including all the information I need, I will ask you to provide it.

How do I store your information?

Your information is securely stored on password-protected physical devices and cloud storage.

How long do I keep your information for?

I am legally required to keep some personal data, such as name and billing address, for six years for tax purposes. I will normally delete all your information in one go after that period.

If you want me to delete information that I am not required to keep for tax purposes before then, please get in touch and I will do so.


I use essential cookies for my site to function.

You can decline all non-essential cookies in the button I have voluntarily included in the cookie banner at the bottom of the page when you first visit it. These are standard functionality and analytics cookies my hosting platform (Wix) includes in their service.

Please contact me at if you wish ask questions about your data, make changes or request erasure.

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