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I offer copyediting and proofreading services. These two terms are just tricky, really. People who don’t work in publishing often use ‘proofreading’ as an umbrella term for having someone go through their text ‘fixing stuff’, and ‘copyediting’ is a word many people might not be familiar with. Within publishing, these terms describe two related but distinct processes. The CIEP has some great information on this topic in the FAQs page, and you can also take a look at this fact sheet for the short version.

Instead of offering line editing as a separate service, I prefer thinking in terms of different levels of copyediting: light, medium and heavy. A heavy copyedit includes a full line edit – you can think of it as line editing and copyediting combined, which is really what most independent authors are after. I find it more straightforward and less jargony to think of it that way, and hope you do too!


If you are unsure about what you need (I don’t blame you!), please get in touch with some details about your project. If you include a sample, I will be able to explain what level of work your manuscript requires.


Find out more about my specialisms and past work.

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